a kind and CARING company

The Vegan Bliss Co is a plant based lifestyle company.

A fusion of a passion for plant based living and a life long love of design.

Welcome, I’m Samantha


Looking back, I see three worlds I’ve danced between – the world of wellbeing, the design world and the world of helping others to blossom.

Everything I’ve studied or worked as falls into one of the above. From art directing, writing, styling and photography to yoga, holistic therapies, vegan nutrition and plant based health coaching.

I’m a certified and qualified vegan nutritionist, yoga instructor, holistic massage therapist, reiki practitioner and corporate stress consultant as well as an experienced designer, writer, photographer and spa director.

I’ve studied in India, Thailand, the UK and South Africa and my career has taken me from the Cape Town fashion world of styling and art directing to Spa Director of international five star luxury hotels.

I’ve travelled to beautiful places all over the world and lived in cities like Cape Town and London.

I’ve photographed, styled, edited, massaged, taught yoga, done reiki, designed brands, consulted to start ups and creative entrepreneurs, written ebooks, directed luxury spas and hosted cool PR events. (I’ve also worked at a vet and as a hostess in a restaurant and through the years, an assortment of  jobs that ran from the sublime to the downright bizarre, from the film set of Batman to Madonna’s birthday party, but that’s another story for another day.)

My happy place is The Vegan Bliss Co.

A kind and ethical company, that I created to encompass all three of my worlds.



We are a plant powered company that focuses on fresh design and plant based business consulting for ethical entrepreneurs. 

Our design studio offers beautiful, conscious design and business solutions such as website and visual brand identities to plant based businesses.

We also offer brand and business consulting – lending our expertise and giving guidance to plant based brands, helping them with everything from product development and menu engineering to team training and PR.

As a fellow plant based business, we share your values and want you to succeed, so that in turn, you can help others lead happy, healthy, plant based lives.

We strive to implement a sustainable practice in what we do, that’s why we prefer to work with people and brands who care.

We’re ready when you are.



Our beautiful Vegan Bliss magazine highlights and celebrates voices from around the world.

Strong, wise, compassionate plant based superheroes who share their plant based journies.

They range from Rwandan chefs to Romanian recipe developers and they’re all unique and inspiring and passionate about making the world a kinder place, one meal at a time.



I truly believe that the more we embrace a plant based lifestyle, the better, kinder and healthier our world will be.

You’re here because you believe that too.

I look forward to supporting you on your bright and beautiful journey towards feeling better, living healthier and presenting the best version of your ideas to the world.

We hope you will join us in living your best life.